The Curious Case of Kim Novak and her Bizarre Comments

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Rape is too strong a word to throw around lightly, especially comparing the use of a musical score to a brutal violent act!

To bring you up to speed on the strange case of actress Kim Novak of Vertigo fame, and her tyrade against the film The Artist.  Basically her most controversial comments included “I want to report a rape. I feel as if my body — or, at least my body of work — has been violated by the movie, The Artist.” as she told Variety magazine.The comments referred to The Artist and its use of Bernard Hermann’s theme from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo which starred Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart. read more of her original comments at THR,

Then Michel Hazanivicius, the director of The Artist has responded. “I’ve done nothing wrong,” Hazanavicius told CNN. “I used music from another movie, but it’s not illegal. We paid for that, we asked for that and we had the permission to do it,” The Artist went on to win an Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Actor etc… so really Ms. Novak`s comments didn`t really sway Hollywood or the Academy in any way, but there is more…

Now…Kim has gone and done it a report from The AP`s Derrick J. Lang about her upcoming Turner Classic Movies honours, she said “It was very painful,” said Novak. “When I said it was like a rape, that was how it felt to me. I had experienced in my youth being raped, and so I identified with a real act that had been done to me. I didn’t use that word lightly. I had been raped as a child. It was a rape I never told about, so when I experienced this one, I felt the need to express it.” read more of her latest comments at THR

Really awkward to comment on this as obviously Novak has been dealing with some terrible issues since her traumatic childhood incident, but comparing that to a musical score piping through a few scenes of The Artist just seems really far fetched and dare I say dramatic….but then is hollywood folks!

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