Queen of 70′s Pop Helen Reddy: Out of Retirement to Sing In Concert!

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Helen Reddy, the Quintessential Queen of 70′s Pop, is back! Reddy (70) is stepping out of retirement to perform in a fundraiser concert in Panorama City, California for a great cause for 2 nights only.

In 2002, Reddy gave what she announced as her farewell performance with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and in 2008 was quoted as saying she “will never again perform before an audience.”

Reddy coming out of retirement to sing in 2012 is all the more a milestone as this year marks 40 years since her ground breaking hit “I Am Woman” topped the Billboard charts in 1972!

Obviously this is a pretty special event dear to Reddy’s heart to lure her out of retirement as she will be singing to raise money for the Arts. The venue is St. Genevieve’s High School, July 13th and 14th, tickets are $40 and you can buy them here

The Special Guest star at the shows is Lily Donat (Reddy’s granddaughter) which gives us a rare and special treat, making it a family affair. Maybe the audience will be treated to a duet of the Paul Williams penned “You and Me Against the World“!

**REVISION (June 11th, 2012) to post: Lily Donat will no longer be performing with Helen, Helen will sing a duet with St. Genevieve High School senior, Rosalind Smith instead.

The Reddy Family sings on the Roseanne Show when Lily was just a toddler in 2002:

We are hoping to attend and live tweet the event if schedules permit. To read more about what Helen has been up to in recent years read our recent Helen Reddy post.

The official Poster for the event shows vibrant Helen Reddy as she appears today:

Helen Reddy Photo Credit: Gor Megaera




Mr. Trololo is Dead: RIP Eduard Khil The Viral Sensation Lives On in our Hearts

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Mr. Trololo is dead. Eduard Khil who is responsible for entertaining millions of people as a viral sensation, has died at the age of 77 due to complications from a stroke. News of his death is trending on Twitter and this happy happy song lives on in our hearts.

I rarely laugh outloud at youtube videos, but Mr. Eduard Khil is responsible for me having fits of crying, sputtering laughter for hours after seeing Trololo for the first time with some friends (it was the ten hour version someone had looped on youtube so you could enjoy him for hours!).

Khil was born and raised in Russia and although he enjoyed success in his country throughout his life as a singer, he was never internationally known until February 2010 when someone posted this famous video on youtube (now seeing over 1 million hits), thus becoming known as Mr. Trololo (the distinctive vocal sounds he makes instead of lyrics).

What did Eduard think of all the fuss? Khil’s son was quoted as saying:

“He thinks maybe someone is trying to make a fool of him,” and “He keeps asking, ‘Where were all these journalists 40 years ago?’

There are some memorable Trololo spoofs. The two best in our opinion are Christophe Walz spoofing Eduard Khil on Jimmy Kimmel (below) and Family Guy with a brilliant hommage to the Trololo song. Farewell Mr. Trololo, you made us laugh until we cried! The Viral Sensation Lives On in our Hearts.


Prometheus Star Michael Fassbender: Separating the Man from the Member

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Actor Michael Fassbender is everywhere right now! Every direction we turn he is popping up on the talk shows, on the cover of GQ or on the blogs; and right there with him, coming from all directions, are countless references to his infamous member making its unforgettable appearance (numerous times) in ShameFassbender, though always a good sport about the barrage of penis jokes, is not to be defined by just one memorable performance however. One only needs to delve into this talented actor’s considerably impressive resume to see that. At HardlyHedda, we attemp to separate Michael Fassbender the man from “the Member”.

In case you missed it, Shame is the 2011 Steven Mcqueen film in which Fassbender plays a tightly wound New Yorker in his 30′s with an unhealthy sexual addiction and major intimacy issues with women, whose world begins to crumble when his sister comes to stay with him unexpectedly (played brilliantly by Carey Mulligan). Fassbender’s character is nude ALOT, making for some fairly raunchy comments from costars and colleagues:

Some of the most popular jibes at Michael Fassbender’s Private Bits are:

• Golden Globes Speech of George Clooney where he joked:

 “Really Michael, honestly, you can play golf like this with your hands behind your back,” mocking a golf swing with his hands behind his back. “Go for it man, do it!”

• Charlize Theron while promoting Prometheus, tells MTV when they asked her how much of Fassbender’s member will be shown in Prometheus:

“Oh my god. I don’t think it was available,” Theron deadpanned. “It was shooting the sequel for ‘Shame‘ so we couldn’t get it for ‘Prometheus.”

• On David Letterman while promoting Shame:

Letterman: I guess the question that I’m clumsily struggling with here is, is it as hard on you as it is on the character? Does that make any sense?

Fassbender: Well, it was flaccid most of the time. [Mimes a rimshot]

Vanity Fair even did a piece entitled ‘A Year in the Life of Michael Fassbender’s Penis’, which is educational to say the least.

So now that is all said and done, let’s get past the package and celebrate the actor who has risen from British bit parts (no pun intended) to North American superstardom. His brooding yet thoughtful portrayal of Magneto in the prequel X-Men First Class (along with brit actor James McAvoy as Professor Xavier) made the film very watchable. As did his take on the classic character Rochester in Jane Eyre.

5 Things You Might Not Know about Michael Fassbender:

1. Will team with Shame director a third time to appear in his upcoming film Twelve Years a Slave in an undetermined role. Their other collaboration was Hunger in which he portrayed I.R.A. activist Bobby Sands who led a hunger strike, Fassbender lost more than two stone on a diet of just 600 calories a day over a 10-week period for the role.

2. Will team with his Prometheus director Ridley Scott in his anticipated flick The Counselor, playing the title role along side his Inglorious Basterds costar Brad Pitt.

3. In May 2012, Fassbender confirmed that he was dating his Shame co-star Nicole Baharie, although she lives in the States and he lives in London they see eachother as much as they can.

4. Born in Germany and moved to Ireland at 2 yrs old, he speaks fluent German, although he still had to brush up to take on the role that got him noticed by North American audiences in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds (portraying Lt. Archie Hicox).

5. In preparing to play David the android in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Fassbender didn’t revisit Alien, but instead studied the androids in Blade Runner, particularily Sean Young and Rutger Haur.

 Fassbender is the actor to watch, yes with clothes on and all, he has a magnificiently magnetic onscreen presence. His take on the android David in this month’s theatrical release of Prometheus is played with such skillful arrogance and eager curiosity it gives us one of many, many reasons to line up for this epic adventure.

For all your Michael Fassbender news and updates checkout fassinatingfassbender.com

Photo Credit: © Featureflash | Dreamstime.com


Battleship Director Peter Berg’s Biggest Fear: Rihanna Getting Eaten by a Shark

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For Peter Berg, the director of this summer’s blockbuster Battleship, there were many challenges filming his new flick. Berg reveals in an interview with Collider, when asked what his biggest challlenge was in filming Battleship:

I honestly think it was making sure Rihanna never got eaten by a shark. My fear was that I was going to be the director who was filming and Rihanna got eaten by a shark, so I was very careful when she was in the water, to have men around to go like this (Berg motions hand on head like a fin) if the sharks came so we could get her out (of the water).

The blockbuster film derives from the Hasbro game we all played as kids, but this brings the US Navy face to face with an alien force to be reckoned with. Filmed in Hawaii, the scenes in which Rihanna and other cast members have to be in the water are shot with a circle of trained professionals around them in the water, keeping the sharks at bay.

Wow, I would have thought Berg’s biggest fear as a director/producer where Rihanna was concerned would be whether or not she can act her way out of a paper bag!

To be fair, critics have been kind to Rihanna, which is more than I can say for how they have been to the film. Rihanna plays Petty Officer Cora “Weps” Raikes, Movieline review states about her character:

Rihanna has the face of a tough little streetcat, appealing and self-reliant, but the movie gives her very little to do (other than hold that big gun).

Rihanna obviously has a good sense of humour and a penchant for getting her director’s goat as she tweeted a pic of herself wearing this t-shirt showcasing Berg’s early days of acting! Apparently she had them printed for the entire cast, with all different pictures of Peter Berg. He probably loved it as he is notorious for his sense of homour.

Berg is usually quite entertaining in interviews, but never more than his recent highly publicized stint where he questioned his Israeli interviewer as to whether he was a draft dodger and peppered him with questions about his country and himself, only briefly mentioning Battleship and Rihanna almost tongue in cheek! Talk about turning the tables on your interviewer!

Check out that interview below:

Although Peter Berg is now a big director (his next project finds him directing Battleship alum Taylor Kitsch once again in Lone Survivor), and worrying about Rihanna getting eaten by a shark is behind him, he will always be hunky heartthrob Billy Kronk from Chicago Hope to us! Ahhhh Kronk….


Photo Credit for Peter Berg:  © Featureflash | Dreamstime.com


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Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron Flip the Bird Promoting SWATH (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron flip the bird to invisible “Paparazzi“? Kristen wants to “make out with Charlize“? Well when in France I guess? While promoting SWATH in a recent candid interview session that has a more relaxed format than most we’ve seen (SEE VIDEO BELOW). The video was shot for a television show in France called “Le Grand Journal” in their segment “La Boite à Questions” (The Question Box) and is very off the cuff for these two as they look like they get along ‘famously’ even though they are sworn enemies in their new film Snow White and the Huntsman: