Prometheus Sequel is on says Michael Fassbender But When?

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We loved Prometheus more than many I’m sure. The premise, the ties to Alien, Noomi Rapace (because who doesn’t love Noomi?) right down to the sonar inspired eery music in the original trailer! One thing is for certain, director Ridley Scott and star Michael Fassbender are box office gold, so when it comes to Prometheus 2 (the sequel yay!) news- We’re on it!

As Collider reported, Fassbender recently sat down for an interview along with X-men Future’s Past costar James McAvoy, the exchange went something like this:

“For sure. I love Ridley. He’s a master filmmaker,” at which point James McAvoy, who was also part of the interview, turned to Fassbender and asked, “Are you doing a sequel?”
Fassbender turned to his X-Men co-star and replied, “Yeah, but when I don’t know.”

Stay tuned for more news as we hear it on Prometheus 2. If you like Michael Fassbender, you’ll love our story Michael Fassbender, the man vs the member.

Video of interview below:

Robert Redford reaches Kickstarter goal with documentary ‘Be Natural’ on Film Pioneer Alice Guy-Blaché

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Alice Guy-Blaché is not a household name, nor is it a name found bobbing around in film schools or even among Hollywood’s most decorated filmmakers, yet she was a pioneer in film. She set standards for so many trends in filmmaking which in itself is impressive, the fact that she was also a woman and that it was the late 1800′s just makes it all the more remarkable. Executive Producer Robert Redford, and producers Pamela Green (@pamelabgreen) and Jarik van Sluijs ( @JarikVanSluijs) want the world to know who Alice Guy-Blaché was. That’s where Kickstarter comes in.  This project is called Be Natural and to the great benefit of all film lovers, moviegoers and creators of art everywhere, they have reached their Kickstarter goal of $200,000 so this puppy is on. In their own words:

The Project

Alice Guy was the first female film director. She would become the first female movie studio owner, and one of the most prominent filmmakers in the industry, making her one of the highest paid women in the U.S.

How could such an important figure in the birth of cinema be unknown to us?

So we, filmmakers Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs, had a case, a real detective story. We decided to search for answers. We’ve discovered surprising new information as we began our research and interviews. It turned into a feature documentary in-the-making about Alice Guy-Blaché and the birth of cinema – Be Natural.

Here is the trailer for Be Natural, narrated by Jodie Foster (perfect choice by the way) it looks like an Oscar waiting to happen. Documentaries are always educational of course, however, this is one lesson every lover of film must absorb. We owe it to the forgotten pioneer, Alice Guy-Blaché.

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Michael Bublé’s Wife shares his video Singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game at Vancouver Baseball Game

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Even on a camera phone Michael Bublé sounds dreamy as he belts out Take Me Out to the Ball Game at a  Vancouver Canadians Baseball game. Michael’s wife Luisana Lopilato posted it on the social media site Keek.

So cute! She says it was her first baseball game.

Aug 18, 2013 | My first baseball game !!!! Take me out to the ball gaaaaaaame !!!!!! by Lulopilato on

Bullet Actress Bex Taylor-Klaus of AMCs The Killing Cast as Sin for Arrow Season 2

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Photo Credit: Vancity Filming

Bex Taylor-Klaus, who is best known for her stand out performance as Bullet on AMC’s hit series The Killing (filmed in Vancouver btw), has landed a gig as ‘Sin’ on Season 2 of CW’s hit series Arrow (also filmed in Vancouver).

The Killing Season 3, which in my opinion was the best yet, followed a group of street kids who were slowly being picked off one by one by a serial killer. Taylor-Klaus’s portrayal of brooding, street-tough Bullet was memorable to say the least. It’s no wonder she was snatched up for the mega hit Arrow, with her impressive screen presence it’s surprising that The Killing was her first major TV role.

According to THR, the Atlanta, Georgia native will be in Vancouver filming Episodes 3 and 4 of Arrow, but mums the word on any details. Although entertainment blog sites have been all a twitter with the news including Taylor-Klaus’s own twitter and instagram feeds.

Bex posted an instagram of her and popular Teen Wolf star and Arrow frequenter Colton Haynes describing photo with:

Abercrombie and Cinderella. You really don’t want to know.


Follow Bex on instagram @bex_tk or Twitter @IBexWeBex

Looking forward to Arrow Season 2 which airs Wednesday, October 9th, 2013. Can’t wait!



Tragic Death of Cory Monteith – Cause of Death Revealed (VIDEO): Heroin and Alcohol involved

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Photo taken last week of Monteith out for dinner with his Agent and local Vancouver Casting Director

The tragic death of Cory Monteith has been felt by many. Now the word senseless can be added to the list of emotional words that come to mind. Vancouver Coroner released this video today announcing the cause of death for the young Glee star. So very sad that drugs were in fact involved. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones as the world mourns his loss. We were so hoping that drugs were not involved, but unfortunately the report states otherwise.